‘See You Next Week’ gatherings are a simply an organised meeting for local people, your neighbours, to meet up on a regular basis. The group areas are based on local council ward boundaries.

A leaflet advertising the venue, day of the week and time for the weekly gathering is hand delivered by local volunteers to homes within the ward boundaries. 

Details of all arranged gatherings can be found on this website via the menu above.

Whilst the aim of this simple idea is primarily to help rebuild the community network and local businesses destroyed in the last few years, it’s secondary is purpose is to help find an authentic voice within the community, for the community, based on the quote that

‘Anyone who campaigns for public office becomes disqualified for holding any office at all’

Thomas Moore, Utopia

Why Owls? Perceived as Wise. Great eyesight – always watching. A gathering of Owls is termed a Parliament.

Why Acorns? From which great Oaks grow.