You are invited to join your neighbours for a weekly face to face catchup.
Just good old fashioned social networking in the real world.

No MembershipNo IDs
No LoginsNo App
No E-MailsNo Spin
No FeesNo Agenda
Just an invitation to connect with your neighbours

Simply a time, a place and an invitation to meet. 

Unplug – Get Out – Connect

Got a business that could use new customers?
Keen to use a local supplier you can trust?
Fed up with the graffiti?
Frustrated by the news?
Worried how you are going to face the next catastrophe on your own?
Want to make your local area a better place for all to live in?

All of the above?

Pop along to the venue on the day and time arranged for your locality. Come and go as you please. It’s your community.

Mingle – understand who your neighbours are, what they do, their professions, their hobbies, their skills, their hopes and their fears. Share your story with them, so they can understand you too !

Discover – uncover the unspoken common bonds that make your local area what it is today

Support – see if there are ways you can collectively work together for mutual benefit or for a local in need

Thrive – give your business to neighbourly tradesmen, and professionals, and help local businesses thrive ! 

Build – create new friendships and self-help groups. Be the change you want to see

Project – get your combined voices heard by your local council. 

Prioritise – Local First, National Second, Global Third !

Introducing yourself

When you arrive, you might want to pick one of the badges below, as a cue for conversation.

Badge IconMeaning
Someone there to watch, listen, and maybe partake.
Someone actively looking for something. Might be to connect with a trade, a profession, get some general advice, or garner community opinion or help on a local issue?
Someone offering a skilled trade – looking to network or obtain some local business
Someone offering a profession – looking to network or obtain some local business
Someone offering a service, either to an individual or the community in general
Someone with a passion for a hobby, looking for likeminded hobbyists to connect with
Someone you arranged the gathering and probably delivered the flyer
Badges and their meanings